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From a seafood restaurant to a ramen shop, read on to see the newest hot spots to land recently. Warning : The Wilderness is a dangerous place, proceed with caution and only bring items you are willing to lose. If you haven't done the Abyss miniquest , bank all your items and follow the river between Edgeville and the Grand Exchange into the Wilderness to find the Mage of Zamorak. He will then tell you to meet him "somewhere" in Varrock , which is the Chaos Altar in the temple in South East Varrock.

Talk to him about Solus Dellagar , and make sure you do not wear anything of Guthix or Saradomin including Void. The Zamorak Mage wants your orb in return for information, but Savant explains that it would be useless to him. He offers to trade his information for 20 rune essence instead. Talk to him again with the unnoted essence. The mage gives your character the tip that Solus went east. Your character connects "east" with the previous tip, "fur," and realises that Solus must be in Canifis with the werewolves.

Either run to Canifis or, if you have completed Ghosts Ahoy , grab your Ectophial from the bank to teleport to Port Phasmatys and run from there. Alternatively, you teleport to the Slayer Tower using a Slayer ring and run south, or use the fairy ring code c k s , or using Fenkenstrain's castle teleport tab to get nearby. Once in Canifis, enter the bank and Savant will call you and tell you in a lengthy conversation that Solus is probably using a unique "slow teleport", which makes him invisible.


If you accidentally keep running and skip the conversation with Savant, step outside the town back to the fairy ring and the conversation will trigger again. Now, use the "scan" option on your Commorb as you walk around the town until you uncover Solus Dellagar. Solus briefly appears, speaks with you, and disappears. Savant then calls and finds that she is able to pull items off of Solus as he escapes. These items give the player a clue as to Solus' next whereabouts.

From this point on, the player will be chasing Solus throughout RuneScape , and each time Solus is found, he will leave behind an item.

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That item is a hint for where to go next. There are seven locations in total, and each location is random, except for the Champions' Guild , the Dorgesh-Kaan Mine , and the Rune essence mine , which are always the third, fifth, and seventh locations, respectively. The items received for the second, fourth, and sixth locations are always random. Listed below are some items that may be received, as well as the location they point to.

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Solus Dellagar will also react based on which scan location out of seven the player is at. Warning: This fight is instanced. If you die, any unprotected items will be permanently lost. Bank and equip a weapon and armour for the final fight. Use any rune essence teleport spot you want, and Savant will close off possible teleports in order to trap him. After a small cutscene, Savant will summon 15 rangers to assist you, but Solus kills them all with Ice Barrage. He's fairly easy as he has been weakened after using such a powerful attack on the Temple Knight rangers. He has no specific Combat level , has 40 Hitpoints and only uses a weak, but fairly rapid melee attack.

All of them have one thing in common: if they returned home, they say they would be arrested, tortured or killed. Nicaraguans wait to apply for asylum.

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As of March , almost 30, have formally filed asylum applications. However, we are investigating, as we do receive complaints. In 88 days, we treated about 2, people. We hardly slept. But it felt good to serve my town.

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Ortega is destroying us. At least four people died, and dozens were injured. But I refused to participate in that massacre. After refusing orders, he was captured and taken to El Chipote prison in Managua in April Three toenails were removed, his jaw dislocated, and two teeth yanked out. He was found by students.

After recovering in Jinotega, he and his wife crossed the border. He is undergoing psychological treatment. Ericka was the leader of a barricade in her native Masaya. She was captured and taken to El Chipote. They hit me when I protested. They undressed and blindfolded me.

I was raped by five policemen. Then they threw me into a pitch-black cell. They forced me to read a false statement on camera incriminating 15 of my neighbors. A day later, human rights defenders helped release some prisoners, including Ericka.

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  • She returned to her barricade, where she provided food and weapons, until Masaya was taken by government forces. We resisted until midday. While running to hide, I was shot in my buttocks. We killed the person who did it. The paramilitary are here looking for me. He founded a new political party called Citizens for Freedom soon before the protests, during which he established himself as a logistical leader. He was charged with damages against state property — which he denies — and was put on trial. In December , only one witness testified, a neighbor.