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No dog owner just feels peachy dropping off their pet at a vet or kennel! I will just say the same thing about food, and order, and time spent with the husband. Again, necessity often dictates otherwise for families.

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Our American society does seem to envision a world where mom is a stockbroker at least eight of her 16 waking hours, with several other hours spent getting dressed, going to the gym, shopping, and commuting. The scraps she gives to her husband and kids, just before bedtime. Meanwhile, who spends the eight to twelve hours with the kids? Ah, a convenient class of lesser people— nannies, daycare workers, housekeepers, bus drivers, teachers, coaches, and tutors.

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It takes a village of relative strangers to raise a child. Sorry, getting emotional again. Insulting especially to those who work in that industry — there are in fact highly educated people who work in childcare. All of the room leads have degrees along a similar line. I think the point of using that phrase is to point out the weaknesses of the modern assumption that everyone work, in every case and with few exceptions.

Even if I would never dream of saying such a thing….


Auntie Leila is simply asserting, for the encouragement of her readers, that these household tasks indeed have a purpose and value in the creation of a home. Obviously there are cases where not everything is possible did you read her post about hiring a housekeeper for a time? It seems to me that our culture encourages women to think that raising their children is somehow beneath them.

That they should have so-called careers instead. Yes Katherine! So much here and so many thoughts… first, Leila, you have helped me find my way many times as I grew into my role as a mother. God bless you and thank you. When a child is sick, who does he want? His mom. Yes yes yes to everythingKatherine said in this regard.

My mom went back to teaching whenI was 6. Our whole family dynamic shifted, and there were many times when she clearly burned the candle at both ends, but our home did not run smoothly and it lead to major dysfunction in the long run.

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If one of your grandchildren was diagnosed with cancer, would you encourage your daughters to refuse care from a female nurse or doctor with children? If your husband was in a life-threatening accident, would you refuse care from a female nurse or doctor with children? I am a nurse.

I am quite certain, through prayer and discernment, that I have unique gifts, given to me by my Father, tgat equip me to care for the suffering and dying. Specifically, I care for children with cancer. I have two small children and one on the way.

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My husband works for himself and for the church, and the stress of having to solely provide for our family financially would be devastating to his mental health. I think you really need to reflect on the fact that many of your blog readers and those you are writing to have very personal walks with God and their spouses, and you truly have no idea what particulars led each of us to the choices we have made. I think it is pridefully presumptuous to presume that you know better what God is calling me to as a wife, mother, and woman than I do. Thanks for reading and responding.

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The world is a big place and there have always been women doing jobs, including nursing. There is a time in life when they can do it, and sometimes they have to do it two different things. I am happy to discuss things on the level of principle, but I will not be maneuvered into seeming to judge a particular situation.

I love your response here. I was led to this article and particularly the comment section by a comment from another blogger on FB. And I would like to spread the word that it is a discussion on the level of principles and not personal judgments. Lots of good food for thought here! I definitely come to this blog to find support for my life as a mother, wife and catholic, especially my choice to devote myself full time to my vocation.

I dont want to enter into any of the debates in the comments, but i do want to say, leila, that while social media and the internet may be acreal challenge for a woman trying to swim against the current, for me they have been a blessing… your blog is a case in point! You helped me find language to explain to my husband why i want to be a homemaker, you helped me decide to homeschool when i was all alone, you have helped me learn to care for my family both spiritually and materially.

Thank you.

When I grew up, my mom was home and I loved it. She was waiting with tea and cookies as I got home and listened to my stories, rants, frustrations, excitements. My best friend had a mom who worked. I would occasionally go with her and the fun part was that we could eat all of the candy and all of the snacks our hearts desired. But other than that, it was watching TV and fights with her sisters and no mom around. But she would be busy making calls a lot more and in general, be more absent minded. By the time my youngest siblings were teenagers, she worked 4 days a week and I saw my brother and sister eat all of the snacks their hearts desired and be glued to screens every afternoon.

Toddlers need mommy, but teenagers just as much. Here in Belgium, childcare is very cheap and the state takes an excellent job taking care of children. Most kids see their parents about 1, max 2 hours a day. When they eat breakfast, when they eat dinner and when they take their bath. So when does the parenting happen? During the weekend? When they visit family and friends and go on fun outings to compensate for the weekdays?

Who raises these kids? The State does. I think all oldest siblings think that their parents got lax with the younger ones.

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My devotion to my children includes making sure they eat and have a roof over their heads. I also work because I like it; my job is meaningful and fun. My children are well-cared-for and normal.

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  • But why do you criticize the choices of others???? Kathleen, good for you — you do what you want to do. The issue of women feeling pressured to seek honors outside of the home is a real one. Families in general are suffering. I offer support and encouragement for those who see that the sacrifice of the security of two incomes and honors from the world are worth the reward in making the home. Just wanted to say that I appreciated the encouragement. It was just what I needed to hear. I assume Auntie Leila is encouraging us to prioritize our families and in doing so, to make choices that are counter to what our society and our education has taught us is best.

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